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Presbyopia, commonly known as “Lao Hua Yan”, is the gradual loss of one’s ability to focus on near objects as we age. The natural lens in our eyes, when fully functional, behaves like an auto-focus camera to help us see clearly when objects are moved from a distance towards us.

This auto-focus function is also known as ‘accomodation’ – the ability of the eye’s lens to change shape to focus on objects at various distances. Unfortunately, this ability diminishes as we age, causing us to become dependent on bifocals or reading glasses.

The aging process causing Presbyopia is believed to be the result of changes occuring in the proteins within the lens, making the lens stiffer and less elastic with age. Another contributing factor may be age-related changes affecting and weakening circular muscle fibres that hold and support the lens. EEC is reputed for our expertise in treating presbyopia and cataracts. Our centre presently offers all the various Presbyopia Treatment Options available in the market today.

Treatment Options

Highly Experienced Ophthalmologists in Presbyopia

EEC is managed by our very own team of highly experienced ophthalmologists with decades of experience in Presbyopia Treatment. All our refractive procedures are performed and cared for by surgeons and ophthalmologists in their field. Together with Dr. Julian Theng, EEC published its definitive guide on Presbyopia entitled “A Long-Sighted Look at Presbyopia (Lao Hua Yan) – Facts, Fiction and Hope” . Read more about the profiles of our ophthalmologists.

Quality Care & Assurance

At EEC, quality care has always been our utmost priority. We believe in providing the safest and most appropriate type of treatment best suited to each individual patient’s needs. Apart from commitment to excellence and first-class service to all our patients, EEC strives to provide quality care to our patients throughout their lifetime, being their preferred eye-care partner in their life journey. We want all our patients and their family to know and be reassured that “At EEC, you will be cared for. Always!”

Why Choose EEC for Presbyopia?

Being a one-stop comprehensive eye specialist centre in Singapore, we provide all forms of Presbyopia treatments available in the market today including: Lasik & Monovision, Multifocal Lens Implants, Multifocal Contact Lens, Spectacle Progressive Lens, etc.

Selected Site for Clinical Trials in Singapore for IOL implant surgeries

With our established repute in the field of Intra-Ocular Lens (IOL) implant surgeries (ie. Cataract Surgeries), EEC was handpicked by Alcon in 2008 – the world’s largest eye care company – to conduct a Phase 4 Clinical Trial outside of the US to evaluate the efficacy and performance of the latest designed multifocal lens implant – the ReSTOR +3.00 Add Multifocal Intraocular Lens.

This trial conducted in 2008 and results presented both locally to medical professionals. Read more about our Phase 4 Clinical Trials.

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