Types of Glaucoma

Open Angle Glaucoma

The drainage passage (angle) of the eye is structurally open in Open-angle glaucoma and accounts for the majority of glaucoma. This type of glaucoma usually has no symptoms and progresses slowly. Early eye screening is the only way to detect this type of glaucoma.

Closed Angle Glaucoma

This type of Glaucoma occurs when the drainage passage (angle) is narrow or closed. There is obstruction to the outflow and drainage of the fluid in the eye leading to increase an in eye pressure. When this rise in pressure occurs suddenly and rapidly, it can lead to damage of the optic nerve. This is called “Acute angle closure glaucoma”. This is an ocular emergency and requires prompt treatment. Symptoms include severe eye pain associated with headache on the same side, nausea and vomiting, blurred vision and haloes around lights and redness of the eye.

Chronic angle closure glaucoma however may be asymptomatic where the pressure rise is gradual like open angle glaucoma. Individuals with narrow or occludable angles are at risk of developing acute angle closure glaucoma. Laser treatment (peripheral iridotomy) in such cases help to reduce the risk of sudden rise in eye pressures. See Laser treatment for angle closure.

Secondary Glaucoma

This type of glaucoma is associated with other diseases of the eye including – previous eye injury or surgeries, inflammation of the eye, advanced cataracts and use of steroid medications. It can also be caused by medical conditions such as diabetes. Patients may experience eye pain, haloes around lights, blurred vision and red eyes in these conditions.

Congenital Glaucoma

Congenital glaucoma is a rare eye disease that occurs at birth. An eye examination is required if the infant’s eye is found to be enlarged, loss of clarity of the cornea, tearing and is unusually sensitive to light.

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